What´s behind the desing of Euforia X Bapu Beach Wear Collection?

Behind all our garments there is a design and care for quality because we value what we do and those who are part of our community.

You can now find the best shorts for surfing in our online store in all sizes, as well as t-shirts, rashguards, caps and towels for your next adventure.

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Kite Oasis: Rider Anthony Legare
On the trip I was focused on three disciplines that are freestyle, wingfoil and kitesurf. There were days when the conditions were better for kiting with a surfboard through the waves and others for freestyle when the wind was less strong. Of the maneuvers that I wanted to nail: double heart attack which I achieved, blindjudge 5 and 317. The conditions were very difficult for double passes so I left it for homework for other trips.
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