BAPU X EUFORIA: Behind The Scences

BAPU X EUFORIA: Behind The Scences

Seven years ago we had a dream, to create a brand that would represent what inspires us the most and that would allow us to do what we love the most: being out there practicing adventure sports, finding balance through movement.

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We have always set out to be different from the rest, we are not the typical swimwear brand you know. We are a community of those who take risks, of those who compete against themselves to raise the level of any discipline.

Our values go with us everywhere, finding the simplicity of things, accepting them with humility, taking them with leadership and believing in ourselves.

That is why in the summer of 2021 we joined the "Euforia La Pelicula" project. We were both hungry for adventure and that led us to plan a trip to "Las Islas". A trip that changed the course for all.

surf Gear

Getting ready to set sail to "Las Islas" back in July 2021.

Since then, Bapu has supported and created various audiovisual productions that promote the talent of Mexican athletes and creators, catapulting them to the international scene. Likewise, we support athletes from different fields that represent the brand as Riders. We also created an entire collection of Bapu Beach Wear X Euforia to fund the post production of the film.

It has been one of the most striking collections since we started the brand and that has been possible thanks to the joint efforts of the designers and Bapu as a brand.

Hundreds of people believed in our project by supporting the crowdfunding that we did along with the collection and as a reward they got more than one product for their next adventure. 

Octavio Coutiño co director
Octavio Coutiño co director of Euforia La Pelicula
Euforia has been selected at eight international film festivals. More than two thousand people have been able to see it thanks to the two projection tours that where made around the country, screening the movie all the way from Baja California Sur to the South on Yucatán, Tulum and Playa del Carmen.  The directors have projects on the horizon under their production company "Minimal Films" and we hope to see much more of them.
Euforia´s nomination
Sebastián Williams, star of the film, is now a pro surfer under the sponsorship of Quicksilver, something he thought he had lost after an injury several years ago but has recovered thanks to his talent and determination.
Sebas surfing and Alex filming
Sebastian Williams surfing and director Alex Mayto filming watershots
The union between Euforia and Bapu set a precedent, we are increasingly interested and excited in producing content that shows the quality of athletes that exist in Mexico so that through them they have more opportunities to continue growing.
Coutiño, Williams, Maytorena
Directors Octavio Coutiño and Alex Maytorena with surfer Sebastian Williams.
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Also, find out where you can see the film soon. Expect it soon on Stab Premium and on all platforms in January 2023

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