What´s behind the desing of Euforia X Bapu Beach Wear Collection?

What´s behind the desing of Euforia X Bapu Beach Wear Collection?

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Mythical landscapes, perfect waves and everything that nature has to offer was part of the inspiration for the EUFORIA X Bapu Beach Wear collection.

Do you remember this image?

It was the inspiration for the design of the Euforia collection microfiber towel made by the designer Ernesto Ruvalcaba in colaboration with the directors of the film and Bapu.

The entire collection tries to portray the trip that Alex, Sebas and Tavo made to the coast of Mexico to record Euforia, a surreal and mystical trip.

Euforia Toalla Microfibra

There is something that unites us as a brand, creators and designers and that is that all of us from our different activities, we see surfing as something more than a sport.



Surfing is an eternal journey, in which we necessarily have to live with ourselves. It is an adventure full of suprises, you never know when the conditions may change. 

The short-sleeved T-shirt says: "See what no one else sees" and that is "We don't see things as they are but as we are". That´s the motto.


Behind all our garments there is a design and care for quality because we value what we do and those who are part of our community.

You can now find the best shorts for surfing in our online store in all sizes, as well as t-shirts, rashguards, caps and towels for your next adventure.


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