Namotu Island: Surf, Kite and Wing Foil in one place

Namotu Island: Surf, Kite and Wing Foil in one place

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Can you imagine spending 3 months on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean surrounded by reefs for snorkeling, waves for surfing, and wind almost all year round for kiting?

Juan Pablo Tron did it as a kite, surf, wing and foil instructor on Namotu Island in Fiji.

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Tron who is a Bapu rider spends more time in the water than out of it, his ability to learn new techniques and his discipline have led him to be sponsored by brands such as Slingshot and hired by kitesurfer Ben Willson director of Namotu Island as an instructor of multidisciplinary water sports.

Wing Foil Naotu Island

 "To live on an island is to live surrounded by water" - Tron

And who better than Juan Pablo to live surrounded by water, in the three months of his stay he had the opportunity to surf one of the most difficult waves in the world "Cloud Break" and that allowed him to raise his level of surfing as well as that of wing foiling, kite surfing and foiling with waves. This season, almost everything was focused on the waves.

Juan Pablo Tron Kite Surfing Cloud Breaker

We had all kinds of conditions, there were weeks when there were no waves at all but it was impressive to see the amount of life there is, the water is super clear, there is an impressive reef, there are some giant clams that are taken great care of them and everything that is consumed in the restaurant is fished  the same day in a responsible way.

Wing Foil Namotu Island

In Namotu there are a lot of waves all the time, the wind was between 17 and 22 knots and according to Tron there was wind 2-3 days a week.

Part of the experience of being an instructor at an international resort like this is that you have the opportunity to meet people who come from all over the world and not all of them have the same physical abilities, so that forces you to become a better instructor and allows you to improve yourself. I gave many classes in these months and it was a great training for both me and them.

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